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B.N.K.B.P.G. College Affiliated by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya Awadh University, Faizabad
Our College is Classified by

U.G.C. - 2 (f) vide Letter No. f8-9/76(P) Dt. 14-11-1976 and granted in the year 1972 vide the letter no. E.D.U.-11/3967/xv -(8)/72 Dt. 16-08-1972

Details of Permanent affiliation of Subject
Sl.NoName of SubjectReference of Permanent affiliation for Graduate levelReference of Permanent affiliation for Post Graduate level
1.Hindi 7385/G.S. date 12.08.1972 E-6222/GS date 21.07.1985
2.English 7385/G.S. date 12.08.1972 E-S/5799/GS. date 04.11.2004 E-S/6096/GS. date 17.01.2005
3.Med-History 7385/G.S. date 12.08.1972  
4.Economic 7385/G.S. date 12.08.1972 E-406/GS-7/GS/69-II date 20.01.1986
5.Sanskrit 7385/G.S. date 12.08.1972  
6.Sociology 7385/G.S. date 12.08.1972 E-925/GS date 19.02.1982
7.Psychology 7385/G.S. date 12.08.1972  
8.Political Science 10005/GS. date 10.09.1997  
9.Geography 10005/GS. date 10.09.1997  
10.Education 11100/GS. date 03.10.1977  
11.B.Ed. 11100/GS. date 03.10.1977  

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